Moderation for the Modern World

Moderation, to me, is seeking common ground and working to build foundations that can be shared.

Social interactions today are plagued by the entrenchment of one’s views. This theme is prevalent in our government, social media, and nowadays on the streets. The core philosophy of this blog is to present ideas on how to approach modern problems while promoting compassion, logic, and meaningful discussion.

If you disagree with something that is written on this site please open up a dialogue, but first take a moment to process the reason. If it is factual error, by all means present new information so it might be corrected (include sources). If it is a philosophical or moral difference of opinion, present your view in a respectful and meaningful manner. Focus on the issue at hand. We may never agree, but we must try to understand.

Spoiler Alert: This blog is likely to be considered liberal by any measure of the political ruler.  


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